Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Consistency is key

We all heard the story of rabbit and the tortoise, where rabbit start considerably on a high note, but still ends up in losing, whereas tortoise starts slowly but reaches the goal surpassing its pro-eminent competitor.

The story depicts the importance of being consistent throughout your journey towards goal.
People who are preparing for competitive exams definitely struggle to maintain consistency. They start with a great zealousness but, effort stumbles in between ; and,  it gets inflated again when the exam nears. These habits of studying certainly end up in a failure.

If we go through the videos of UPSC toppers they stress the importance of consistency.

Academic exams are like a sprint; in which most of us study seriously only for two to three days and obtain the certificate. Whereas the competitive exams are like a marathon. A marathon runner starts his mark and runs at a nearly same speed, maintains it and finishes the task. If he stops, he cannot finish the race. In the same way start the preparation confidently, never stop studying, be consistent and success will be on your hand.

Keep in mind
  • Consistency helps you to attain mental stability

  • Consistency helps to perform the exam in a very respectable way
  • Consistency helps you in analyzing the situations and improves your decision making

  • The revision will be much easier for those who studies consistently
  • Consistency makes the study more interesting as you get more insights on the topic every time you study.

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