Saturday, 27 April 2013


If a person is addicted to alcohol, we call them alcoholic, If a person is psychologically weak, we call them psychic; but, the word panic is nothing but addiction to pain .

Pain-ic is nothing but panic. In and around our lives, we come across lots of situations; where, every one of us comes across panic situations. Getting panic is the ultimate path of a catastrophe. Always ice cool nature will lead life happily.

No man is devoid of pain, grief and whine . Everyone of us has undergone a situation of pathetic or come across medical emergency. Under such situation becoming panic is common, Panic minds not just ruin them-,self but his fellows too. If the patient infers panic, he won’t recover from disease easily. If his mates get panic, the situation will be worse; since,they hits on patients hope by showing panic.

Similar to medical exigency, we come across lots of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, fire accidents; where, the situations are difficult to handle; because, man is speck in front of nature to withstand. Getting panic is such regards kill lives that could otherwise have been saved.

When I think of the word “PANIC’ I think of  certain situation I experienced and most of us do.

There will be situations and NEWS, heard by everyone of us about people losing lives after drowning in the water  accidentally slipping into the water or else falling into deep without knowing swim completely. 

Under such situations, panic minds going to die beyond doubt; and, they take a few with them as well. Even while drowning, one will not die immediately; but, turning panic will take them to the end. Under worse condition they pull someone and take their lives with them. Even best swimmers find difficult to rescue them. In some other situations good swimmers turn panic and plunge themselves.

Born in a goldsmith family and being in a pure science field, I came across lots of acid accidents. One day I heard one bad event in one of my known families; where three year child burned his legs, pulling up the HNO3 bottle which was often used in devising jewelry. 

An overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety and the child’s mother to rub the child’s legs with a cloth; which resulted in a spread of the acid half way of the body up  to the thigh and in some parts of the hand and abdomen as well. 

The child is gifted with scars of acid burn for the rest of the life, as a result of getting panic. Taking cool,  if she would have poured lots of water or thud the child into water tub and then applied baking soda available at home, acid would have neutralized to greater extent if not completely.

While studying M.Sc, one of my classmates drank acid while mouth pipetting in a tautness of lab. And her life was in danger, we all were in panic and stood static until one cool guy poured water into her mouth and rescued her life by avoiding the burning of her tungsten; though her pink lips burned. 

Often we hear about accidents, road mishaps which are the result of being anxious or clueless due to affright situation. We all heard about drivers jumping from their seat, damaging him; but, causing disaster. People keep on pressing accelerator when they are being panicke or scared.

Even in the corporate world, anxious minds quarrel with higher officials, which result in their loss of appraisal or resignation. The loss is not to higher authority as they may feel happy for saving some bucks to the company which helps their appraisal .

At the edge of victory doesn’t panic, it helps your opponent to take a chance.  Being cool make its way ease more.  Probably this is why Dhoni is praised for.

For every one of us catastrophic emergencies are a default.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Do The Feelings Fade?

Do The Feelings Fade?

Do the feelings fade?
Whether it roams around a Universe called mind?

 Climbing the mountain of annoyance
Kissing Breeze of glee
Before sword of death snap And
Rupturing our chest.

Mind, love, friendship, Hatred,
Disguising belief of rise And decayed
Language of Land, forest, Water, insects,
Before throning Fierceness, courage, gallantry

Do the feelings fade?
Whether it roams around a universe called Mind?

Luster of laughter
Irony of wonder
Enduring grief of fatigue And fast
Fondness, beauties light
 Before diffusing

 Thunder of Emotions
Drawing subtle strikes
Before burning a blaze
Do the feelings fade?
 Whether it roams around a universe called Mind?

Incidentals- A Small Teaser

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