Sunday, 15 October 2017

Waste is not a Waste

Eat, Sleep, Shit                                                                                                                                      and my dialogue was a hit                                                                                                                         But burning was my butt                                                                                                                            Because it was just a taunt

Then; I realized it was excreta                                                                                                                  Creator and communicator of miasma                                                                                                    My Town pig’s favorite and perpetuate                                                                                                  but for us it was a proclaimer of enigma

As we grow; perceived the process                                                                                                          Of Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption and excretion                                                                                  Still it remains a stink and stress                                                                                                                Ah!  Ha, Pain inside consolation.

We grew further and started                                                                                                                       Reprimands of dignity and wasting food                                                                                                   this rots in the road to turn road dirty                                                                                                         everywhere shit and stink in the city

It’s all the action of invisible demons                                                                                                        that turns food to poison                                                                                                                            Poison is to us we are mere humans                                                                                                          not for them who turn this earth heaven

They say

Don’t mistake we are friendly demons                                                                                                      We turn your waste to compost                                                                                                                  Give it to trees they will flourish the green                                                                                                We compose and compost

Eat, Sleep, Shit                                                                                                                                          and my dialogue was a hit                                                                                                                          Be responsible and never regret                                                                                                                After all waste is not a waste

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Read This never heard Story of Akbar's Treachery

We all have studied Akbar the great, Who is called Shenshah. We have even saw the film showing his greatness of the Akbar. His rule, his glory, greatness of Mughal empire.

But I’m going to lesser known wicked face of Akbar.  Though  This is documented clearly, but for hidden reasons or say it a hidden propaganda, whatever is the reason was hidden away from textbooks.

This came to my perception in a poetry meet. The challenge was to pick the topics and write a poem on the same topic.  I was one among those who recited the poems.  But the most impressed one was written by a Hindi poet, who hails out from Kashmir. He described entire history of Kashmir in his poem which was amazing.

In his Poem he describe pre-vedic times and written Kashmir name came from Kashyap rishi who was one among the seven great saint created by Lord Brahma( According to Hindu mythology) and the beautiful lakes present in the valley.

Kashmir was the center province for Hindus, then for Buddhist’s and later transformed by Islamist's during 13th to 15th century. It was conversion of Gurez to Shia Muslim’s by Persian immigrants was the foremost reason for the Islam conversion of Kashmir valley which is now provinces of three countries- India, Pakistan and China.

He took name of Shah Mir who was the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir and then told about Habba Khatoon her beauty, her poems and her talented. He beautifully depicted the Love of Emperor Yousuf Shah Chak. He described his bravery for defeating the army of Akbar for two times. Though his army is very small compared to Akbar’s army, but it was not possible for Akbar to match his bravery.

This is where Akbar showed his black face which is lesser known to the world.  Cunning Akbar invited Yousuf Shah Chak for peace talks , but his nature of annexure turned him an emperor which we never read in our books.  He arrested Yousuf Shah Chak by treachery for the rest of his life.  He was jailed in Bengal and died in Bihar.

Habba khatoon opposed Yousuf’s travel to Delhi as she doubted Akbar’s bait.  She writes this in her poem and also tells that Yousuf was from a group of Indo-Aryan civilization which was predominantly believed in Hinduism.

When I Checked this in Wikipedia I felt this was true. Once I use to think Why revolutionaries are still terrorists in our textbook’s description of freedom struggle and this knowledge increased my doubt Whether the History we read and reading are twisted History which is far away from truth.

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