Thursday, 24 July 2014

Loose Change and CDM

We all undergo the situations where we stand in a Queue in ATM to collect money and our ears are well versed with  the vibrations of these well versed bad news about ATM machines.

I have seen people checking balance and taking printout; despite knowing there balance paisa to paisa. Some strange persons checking notes from the ATM for their originality and wasting others time. 

People who often put their card reverse and blame their card for being faulty. Like this ATM gives different experiences for everyone. 

Along with ATM issues; people often find it difficult to find the change and follow their own path and methods to get the change. Giving a hundred rupee note to a beggar and asking him to give 95 rupees back is the method some people follow in front of the popular temples to get change. 

People search for nearby petrol pumps or else a nearby counter shot bars to get change for a thousand rupees or a 500 rupee note. Some buy a pen or pencil and few purchase cigarette or any other commodity. I saw people investing on cigarette to get change of two rupees when its cost was 8 rupees to give it to the conductor of the bus to avoid losing 8 or more rupees that conductor writes behind the ticket. People often forget to collect them back to increase conductor’s income.  

I, too had a different experience that could connect both the issues "the ATM and change".

It was early in the morning at 6. I was on the way to electronic city from my home towards my office I joined recently. It was initial punctuality that all the employees maintain were in my mind; and, my goal was to reach electronic city by 8 though my office timing was from 8: 30. 

To reach the destination, it was mandatory for me to travel 30 kms by bus after  changing at least two buses. Travelling 30 kms in Bangalore are like travelling 150 kms on a highway.  

I started, and started walking like, I was in 30km walk in the olympics, where sports persons walk for their destiny. I was walking fast for my pride and I reach bust sop. Morning hours are busy hours for Bangalore compatriots and buses will not make us wait in the morning in Bangalore. 

I got a bus and when the conductor came asking me to take a ticket, I opened the purse, It was 1000 rupees Gandhi, which was stiff like a tetanus infected body; erected and brand new. 

Conductors pitch raged and started scolding “Who will give you change for a 1000 rupee note, that too, early in the morning?” He continued "For me account has not yet opened for the day, you people spoil our moods and our day too will end in misery. Can’t you check the money before getting into the bus", his list of rebukes  continued  and he made me get down at the next stop. 

I tried all the nearby shops and all possible ways to get the change for 1000 rupees. But the effort was un-successful.

Then I was in a situation of helplessness, but the ATM came to my help. I knew the kiosk or E-lobby of an SBI was nearby. This kiosk contains three kinds of machines, one is the usual automated teller machine, another one is a kiosk; where, we can take print-out of transactions, DD and so on, but the most important one was a CDM- cash deposit machine. 

My mind rarely works for the situations;but, fortunately the flash of neurons passed fiercely and the idea sparked. I opened my SBI debit card and went to the CDM. I deposited 1000 rupee note; and the message displayed the balance in my SBI account which was just above the minimum balance tariff. 

After depositing money at CDM ,I used my ATM card to open 100 rupees from ATM machine; and I got change.   It was easy for me to travel in a  bus after getting 100 rupee notes. I reached office after utilizing the facilities of banking and realized the fact “Banking is a fun” with the best invention like CDM. 

CDM could prevent you from standing in a long Queue to deposit money, You can avoid hard hitting cashiers rebukes for not signing or for not putting date or for some other reason.  This saves the time and saves you from the rebukes of the cashier. 

With everything getting automated, the number of internet banking user is ascending and the fun of banking is being increased day by day  as the burden getting decreasing. 

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