Sunday, 28 July 2013


Small Idea Big Impact

Watching Sanitary pad box; boy gibe’s at a girl “Bread, for whom”, for which girl got exasperated and answers “it’s for you come in the morning you will get it with tea”. 

Don’t know how much we make fun of it. Even in metropolitans, men of age 16 to 26 who are aware of the product whoop out a laugh at sanitary pads, rather than treating it  as a normal stationary.

People who talk about using condoms, sexual education and its importance Blah Blah, they themselves are the part of sexual comics written on Sanitary pads.

When we look over, every day millions of women in India; in-fact; globally, women suffer over their monthly sexual cycle an even it’s a matter of hesitant to them to express, even in front of their husband. 

Have you ever used gunny bags, rags or saw dust to small wounds or cuts to avoid infection?  I think the answer will be No, but it’s true and horrible that Indian women were using these, to protect their genital issue called as a menstrual period. It’s a matter to think and even today many orthodox Indian families treat women as untouchables, rather than solicitude to women during their menstrual periods.

Off course, this is a global issue; Still no one thought of it, neither the women activists/associations nor the women and child welfare ministry. Though, multinational companies given a solution to this issue; but, it were not reachable middle class or poor class. 

When this problem was a taboo, he came up with an idea Mr.Arunachalam Muruganantham. “Small idea big impact” was his product's motto and he reached his goal. Today, number of sanitary pad users increased to 3.5 million and more.

What he has done was a simple research and based on which he reduced the cost of sanitary pads by framing a simple machine for its production. This was crucial initiation. He experimented his products on his wife, sisters, some outsiders and finally on himself. Such was his passion and concern over this small issue (as per world).

One might think, what a sanitary pad can do for the country. It’s true that it solved  the problem of millions of women around the country .  It provided jobs to thousand across the country, even at the top part of the Himalayas. Most importantly, those who started earning from the machine were poor women.

His simple thinking, a passion for his concern, non-greedy business strategies made him a successful entrepreneur and though his accent of English is not a great one, but today he is one of the finest and the humorous orator in all major business schools of India. 

It is not surprising for anybody, since he received Presidents award, but it was  still special when he received it  from first the women president of India.

Thanks to Arunachalam Muruganantham and his small idea and big impact that relieved millions of women around the country.  Hats off to him for leading meaningful inspirational  life.

It was a chaos
And dirty little thing for us
He took that dirty little problem
And solved it with small idea his name was Muruganantham.

Incidentals- A Small Teaser

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