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Fear is a speck

Hassan -the fourth son of late Dadapeer Makandar. He is the last child of 7 children of Dadapeer. Hassan is the rich and successful person who has great respect in the society.

It was the time when Hassan was the child, his father was having a two wheeler garage at KJ Halli Bangalore. Dadapeer’s business was running successful enough to serve his wife and children. Dadapeer's house was at Padarayanapura near KR market; which, he purchased by taking loan from Kamal Seth and selling his ambassador car.

After they started residing in their new house, his business improved, and the couples got 3 boy children after 4 girls.  When, Hassan; his last son turned to the age of 3, Dadapeer cleared all his loan and purchased another house at KJ-Halli, and he opened a branch of his garage at Kengeri.

After opening new garage, it was difficult for him to maintain both of them. Time has become pure gold for him, and coming back to home was a rare advent.  Sleep and food were irregularly monitored, His health started deteriorating, observing his health getting deteriorated, his wife advised him to hire people to maintain garage.

Finally, he decided to hire 4 mechanics  to maintain his two garages. This made his life easier; But, unfortunates and accidents are unbidden. His garage at Kengeri set to fire due to a cylinder blast, which took the lives of his two mechanics. At KJ-Halli his garage was demolished by the Corporation for road widening and given him a shop away from main road. This all happened in one month.

After this incident, the pressure mounted on Dadapeer. Again, time has become pure gold for him, coming home has become a rare advent again. Sleep and food were irregularly monitored. Along with these,financial wane give him extreme stress.

Dadapeer lost his peace and he started drinking alcohol every day, he beat his children and shouting at his wife was common to him.

One day his wife shouted at him, and forced him to stop the garage, and start a new business. She told him, it's better quit; than risking the life with machines all the time . They both shouted, Dadapeer beaten his daughters, then drank heavily. He took his pet son Hassan outside and preached “Fear is death. Fear  will not allow anybody to move forward, Life is full of risks, without risk life will not move forward”.

While coming back home, they fell by bike, Dadapeer lost his life and Hassan's hand got fractured. The shock of his father’s death turned a havoc to him, he decided never to touch automobiles and machines.

Since then, Hassan never touched any automobile, he did not even learn bicycle. But when he finished his highschool, he felt ashamed when his friends laughed at him for not knowing bike riding. He was also embarrassed by the craze they have shown on bike, he  felt bad when they went for a road trip on bike.

But at last his father’s words came to his mind, he recalled them. He has thrown away his fear, and decided to learn bike; but, there was risk in it; as he was not aware even to ride a bicycle.

Initially, he took his friend's moped-bike instead of bicycle, he has fallen, hurt himself, broken his hand for the second time in his life, but he did not leave the task. The fear in him was absolutely gone and he learned bike.

He gained knowledge on construction of bikes, and four wheelers. He joined a garage as assistant, he learned four wheeler and then started modifying the bikes. Slowly he became expert in modifying bikes.

After few years of experience, Hassan opened his own Garage; where, he started modifying normal bikes into Race bikes. Along with modification; he started practicing race biking.   He has failed and his face got scrapped after falling, but he continued to move without fear.

Finally, he won a national level race and started taking part in international races, he got money, pride and girl  to marry. He started training the guys, opened a driving school, and today he is an official mechanic to perform service to Yamaha racer bikes and cars.

Incidentals- A Small Teaser

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