Sunday, 22 March 2015

Smile- The Evidence of Happiness

Happiness is the gift of life; that we get every moment and at every step we land in our lives. People often enjoy in their own way to feel happy. A girl might feel happy when she gets a gift from her boyfriend. The happiness is a feel that sprout out purely from the heart and result is a small smile on face with jewel like expression, charm, and delight.

Incidents always make us feel better and happier. Imagine a situation of riding a two wheeler without a helmet; covering only skull in a traffic; and, you encounter with a beautiful girl with fair skin color, pink lips, long black hair,sparkling eyes, tall.

If she is facing difficulty to cross the road due to the dense number of vehicles passing around her ; and, you stop your bike to allow the girl to cross the road . This will make her feel happy. While crossing the road; she shouts loudly to say thanks to you. This will make any  rider feel happy for stopping for a beautiful girl and to smile of happiness on his face.

When our age crosses 24-25; it’s very common that our parents talk of our wedding,  our friends and relatives tease us by taking the reason of marriage. They take an imaginary name of the beautiful angel/ warrior coming in our lives that make them feel happy. In such situation, if our parents; especially, if the mother takes a name of the girl/boy who is already in our heart, it makes us feel more happier and it brings a cute grin on our face.

An absent minded fellow carrying a bag with loads of cash in it and he stops in a cold-drinks shop. He forgets the bag in the shop; which, he realizes in a short span of time. He rushes into the same shop with tensed feeling, filled with anxiety and splash of sweat on his face and tears in eyes. When he asks the shop owner about the bag and get it back  along with coke to relax and rejoice; the anxiety in the mind runs faster than Usain bolt . But the  smile on face after saying thanks, is a smile of relief and good luck. 

While walking in the forest with your loved once to get relaxed from the stress of the work; and, suddenly a raindrop falling on your lip followed by the sprinkle of breeze. When the loved once realize it and wipe the drop on your lip with love to give a feel of warmth and comfort followed by a kiss on the cheek make us  feel happier and a smile on the face avert automatically.

When a cute little angel (small baby girl) of age five rushes towards you and meet with a small collision. This will make her feel bad to tell you a sorry, and she runs away  by producing the sound from her silver anklets, which can bring happiness and  a twinkle in the face filled with a chuckle of joy.

When win comes to us after ample of struggle and burden. When a girl proposes, when the unexpected gift is received, when help came from an unknown hand. When we are rewarded for the good work done and many more incidents in our routine life can give us happiness and a cute smile on our face is the evidence of happiness. 

Incidentals- A Small Teaser

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