Sunday, 20 December 2015

Care before you share

In this smart phone era,social media is playing a pivotal role in spreading the knowledge. Social media is playing an equal role like other Media.  

It is the gift of science and technology; that made the world smaller and easier to snatch anything in the finger tips. But! Along with the positive subjects that improves our lives, knowledge about facts, positive emotions, achievements, and breaking news, humor, fine-arts etc; people, often share uttered nonsense like “ Found a snake in Mazaa” “ Superstitions about HIV”, fake news, porn, scary matters. One such share is the image below, I  have seen a lot of these images shared in social media .

The image is truly paraphrased as they are separate images of Trypophobia and giant water bug which is carrying its eggs ready to be hatched on its wings for reproduction.
Though it is true that these bugs sting is painful, but these bugs found only deep in the water waiting for their prey.
Social media has no restrictions; here, anybody can share anything. Not just sharing, but using social media is also devoid of restrictions of use. If we think what loss this kind of shares will cause?  We should think social media can reach children, pregnant women, heart patient, feeble minded person. These scary materials may affect them badly.
Think the truth behind the matter before sharing.
More than all; Science and technology is for the welfare of the society; but, not to scare or fool the people.

Please! Care before you share.

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