Friday, 30 March 2018

Gultoo- Crime has a new face- A must watch Kannada movie

Kannada industry has given some classic movies.  Love stories, sentimental, antagonist vainglory, violence, horror, comedy and many subjects that touch the chords of Kannada movie viewers.

However, when the world is surging ahead towards artificial intelligence, Industry seems to be way behind in showcasing technology and its impacts on society.

Yesterday, I watched one such movie, which roused my neurons about data theft, online crime, its impact, Cyberworld, and Information technology.

I am writing here about a Kannada movie Gultoo.

Movie is directed by debutant Janardhan Chikkanna, starring debutante Naveen Shankar, Ram Dhanush, very beautiful Sonu Gowda , Uniquely best Avinashand, made for satire Rangayana Raghu.

Movie is a story of Engineering student Alok(Naveen Shankar),  who is extremely talented, hardworking.  It’s about data theft, he has done absolute justice to the role as a techie, equally supported by his friend Aasthi (Ram Dhanush).

The first half of the movie is all about Aasthi and flirt. His comedy will never allow you to sit on your seats, Comedy looks absolutely fresh content, a trendsetter, as it used the funny side of  the social media and personal messaging. I specially mention joke of Chota Bheem, which make you laugh repeatedly at remembering your chat with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

In the first half Sonu  Gowda looks cute, adoring as a common girl who falls in love with Alok in a computer institute, where, they both work together. The first half shows pure romance love and fun.

Second Half

The second half is all about crime, here plot runs around Naveen Shankar, Lucia Pawan Kumar, Sonu Gowda, Avinash and Rangayana Raghu. It takes you to a different world of data and crime. It will make you rethink if are a tech-savvy or Geek.

Alok is caught for his crime, but what next is what the movie is all about. Twists, talent, technology, and crime are blended with treachery and innocence. It is a movie one should be seen by everyone. There is no skin show, unnecessary violence, glorification and it is a total family entertainer.


Music is enchanting, and melody seems perfect. It has five tracks and VTU song will take to nostalgia, and remaining songs are as good as a dewdrops


Data, code, encryption, decryption, data theft, love, flirt, comedy, murder, and crime is what I can say, For the conclusion, it’s better to move to theaters.

Everybody who uses the internet should watch this movie book your tickets now.

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