Sunday, 31 March 2013



When I open my mail inbox, I found a lot of messages, peculiarly Facebook updates, irrelevant job updates,interview letters, My zamana,  Google+, twitter, LinkedIn updates etc.

 Along with these a few days back a networking site ascribed a name Skill Pages in where I appended three of my skills Microbiology, Biotechnology which are primary skills by which I was expecting something  noticable might happen with these skills for my career. Along with these two I  added my secondary skill as a writer.

Yes writing is my hobby, I started writing 4 line short poems in Kannada which are called as “Chutukugalu”. While  studying  PUC, I started to scribble two line linear thoughts. From my degree started  scrawling some short writings which I call as an articles, which may not meet the criteria’s to meet the standards to call it article . Once I started earning, I started writing a novel and completed it . These small scribbles made me add writing as my secondary skill.

After these, I got myself many job offers which are relevant for profile as a writer  this is why I mentioned m brain drilling back story., this made me think
“Hobbies make you a different Entity”                                                                                                       Smart to cultivate it”

Hobbies are the chores that we perform in our free time. But a hobby is the greatest asset if it can be your earning profession.

Hobby of writing makes a recognition as author no matter What  is the chore of earning rice.

Cricketers prove it with the wealth they earn. It is true that many of the world famous writers were in diverse profession. Indian Cricketers provide a lot of examples, who knows Anil Kumble as an Engineer.  Sachin Tendulkar as a  bank officer seems to be a joke for most of the people .

Shankar Mahadevan was an engineer before falling into the world of music. Albert Einstein was an accountant, but the world recognizes him by science.

Mary Kom is a police officer, Chetan Bhagat was a banking official, Narayan Murthy was a software engineer working for a private firm before opening his own firm. Ritesh Deshmukh recognized as an actor rather than son of former chief minister.

A painter might be a millionaire, but will be recognized by his masterpieces more than money. Raja Ravi  Varma was a king, but the world knows him as a painter.

Hobbies are the lanes to which the world looks. Hence, if one needs attention from the world, follow hobbies.

Sing if you can reach the melody, paint your imaginations, use your mathematics beyond examination hall. Use your engineering skill to create the creativity, play games, go for a ride, enjoy an outing, collect the information’s, watch NGC, sports, films. Whatever is your hobby, Just Do it. 

“Hobbies make You Recognized”.


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