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Review of an Ekphrastic beauty - Savour Art and Poetry meet

We all knew he illustrations of R K Laxman and their importance to R K Narayan and his stories. Always writing and images go in hand. Writer writes his imaginations which is used by painter to give it a virtual life. This is very common but creating a literary piece by taking inspiration from images is  difficult and this art is known as Ekphrastic art.

In India literary world it’s rare and such ekphrastic poems came from pen of Vijaya Gowrisankar.
 “Savour” is  Ekphrastic collection of poems. This collection consists of The book contains 58 paintings from 19 artists, including 5 Mouth and Foot Painting artists (artists who paint with their mouth and foot, due to some disability). 73 poems in 20 poetic forms have been written against 58 paintings.

Daigram 1-Shade of camels in light

Collection start with description of shades of sun in the desert describing beauty of nature and life.

Diagram -2- Mumbai Skyline
Suddenly the hue of beauty turn to civilization and describes beauty in civilized city. Description of envisions linked to nature is exclusive as the poetess call it a taste of success.

3) Flying bird
Poetess describes the bird at the top of the world with big dreams of great heights. The description of way a bird learns to fly and it’s comparison to make and break is exclusive.

Description of a brave and blessed girl who compares herself to free bird is a literary beauty.

5)Camping site
When life seems distress poets searches for a calm place and it’s description is where image meets words.

6) Kathakali
Poem beautifully exaggerates the beauty of facial makeup and head dress of kathakali dancer and describes the wonder facial expressions.

7)Lavender fields
Poem describes the beauty of lavender field and it’s fragrance. This gives you a golden touch of nature’s essence.

8) Lakeside Acrylic painting
Description of lakeside view‘s healing power is depicted in poem.

9)Shaded of horse
Poetess compares it with the journey towards the the goal.

10) Krishna
Nothing to comment, it’s just fabulous to read description of little Krishna.

11) Big hand
Poem describes door of opportunities and misses.

12) Saxophone
Chords of saxophone will chord your inner behavior just like the lines in the poem does.

13)Heart connection
This poem describes how heart connections gives happiness in our life.

13) Drift
This poem describe how change in thought and feelings causes a drift between the two.
Below are the headings I have given to the remaining paintings.

14) I seek answers
15) Beautiful Blue Mountain
16) Cute Girl
17) Beautiful artist
18) Cuteness overloaded
19) Snow at its flow
20) Traditional dance
21) Beauty of Shadow
22) Flock of Monks
23) City’s flying babies
25) Festival
26) Patrol
27) Kali parade
28) Lighting
29) Beauty hidden
30) Light in the darkness
31) Forest girl
32) Jump high
33) Fallen
34) Lake view
35) Cycle in the shade
36) Gathering
37) flower merchant
38) Sea Shore
39) Loving animals
40) Shut your mouth
50) Forest lane
51) Darkness below moon
52) Shade of green on tar
53) Who is masking whom?
54) Reality or camouflage
55) Draupadi saree
56) Utsav
57) Dance
58) Bhakti movement
59)one over the other
60) Statue in the lake
61) Waterfalls
62) Dream city
63) Ice Candy

Like this every paintings are mesmerizing, the poems showcases a new world. I feel this is one beautiful collection every book lovers will feel happy to buy.

Note: Headings are my my perceptions of the images.

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