Sunday, 17 September 2017

Yes, We Changed Smart

In 10 years
Yes, We Changed Smart
Way back in 2008, I use to crank a joke on my friend who was having a touch screen mobile, and use it to find the routes while we go out during those golden years of graduation. We use to tease him as Ekalavya for using his thumb, the most to slither on his phone. 
It’s been 9 years and the time has reversed. We were the one who teased him during those years, and now we are so addicted to smart phones.
 We use GPS ; even to find the way the bus goes if we travel. We use Information Technology to check where we are in our journey. We check everything in mobile, Location and mobile are inseparable to us. 
For  few of my friends who are in Sales work, no need to mention. They may lose their jobs without location finder because without GEO locating their visits, they probably cannot work. More precisely they will lose their appraisal, because without GPS they can reach hardly few sites they are allotted to visit.
Yes, it’s mobile Application era, we can skip our breakfast to reach in time, but we cannot go to office if we forget to take our Smartphones.
They are not just assets for us; but, a part and partial of our life; say, a Second wife if you are married and Girlfriend if you are a bachelor. It has even gone to further where a firm can be opened just by keeping a App, travel agencies are sprouting like a green algae on a swamp. Everybody  use this mobility and the world is absolutely mobile (Locomotive).

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